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I am trying to assemble all the components for the PCBV4.1 board.
I wanted to connect an 8-section control module to the board. What to choose and to which wires to connect? The board has an Ampseal plug.
I thought something like that.

What you think about kincony a8?

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Is it possible without changing the code?

of course need new sketch

the main thing is to work correctly.

I chose this board. I will try to connect.


Interesting board. Maybe you can use it for ratecontrol ?

How to properly connect this KC868-A16 board , I want the board to turn on Hardi hc 2500 8-section switches (I’m thinking of soldering the wires to the switches)

I’m using such a board for my sprayer in combination with Matthias SC - Code

ESP32SR88 - WIFI 8 x 1A relays (

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How did you connect this board to the AgIO software and what sketch did you use?

The board is connected by Wifi. (i.e Mobile Hotspot, external Wifi Router or the board ESP32 as AP )

Basically I’m using Matthias’s Section Control Code:
GitHub - mtz8302/AOG_SectionControl_ESP32: Section Control for AgOpenGPS for ESP32 supporting 16 sections and switches to remote AOG

Only simple modifications to read the inputs and write back the corresponding input led’s are required.

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Is it possible to put the section control files in the same folder with the autosteer v4.1 sketch and write everything together? There are 20 “INO” files in total.
Or maybe load the section control files into the relay board?

That’s right, You have to load AOG_SectionControl_ESP32.ino via USB Connection to the relay board ESP32.

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Lan port no longer active after loading AOG_SectionControl_ESP32 sketch. Lan led lights do not blink.
How to activate Ethernet (UDP) Ethernet hardware needed!!
I use a Kincony a16 console with lan, wi-fi, and usb output.
By saving UDP, the default settings will return after restart.

I think, you have to modify different issues in the code:

How to programming with KC868-A8 - Smart Home Automation | KinCony

See sample codes for using ethernet, reading inputs and writing outputs.

I guess, Matthias is using W5500 Ethernet Chip. All IO’s are directly wired to the esp, in your case via i2C …

For my ratecontroller I planning to use a A8 board, which I have ordered recently!

In the Kincony A16 forum, you can find all example codes:

Smart Home Automation Forum - KC868-A16 (

ie LAN
[Arduino IDE demo source code for KC868-A16]–#06-LAN8720-UDP (


a little confusion which liberary is used, it’s definitely part of arduino_esp32:

arduino-esp32/libraries/Ethernet at master · espressif/arduino-esp32 · GitHub

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Did the board arrive, did you manage to configure it?

It takes another two weeks to get the board shipped by ali. I prepared some code for testing it as platform board for SK21’s rate controller.

You can help to configure the section control file for this board so that it can be connected to the computer with a Lan cable, control 8 output relays, for section control. No programming knowledge myself.

I will have a look into this code too …