Section Control Setup

I am working on setting up section control, but can’t quite get it to work, and can’t quite find the answer I’m looking for. I’m using a normal arduino nano with the machine usb ino 5.0 installed on it, along with a 4 relay board. I currently have the pins from the relay board connected to the arduino pins D2-D5. I also have my pins setup in agopengps so that pin 2 is section 1, pin 3 is section 2 and so on. The relay board powers on like normal and as does the arduino, but I cannot get the relays to switch. Im not entirely sure I have the whole pin section right, so thanks for any help figuring this out!

Have you gone into AgIO and set the com port for the machine module?

Did you figure it out?

Yes the com port is hooked to the machine module section

No, I have yet to figure it out

Did you find the test feature in expanded AgIO? Did you send the pin configuration in AOG?