Section Control Timer

I am setting up section control on a planter and all of the hardware works great, however it’s shutting off way too soon. How exactly do all of the “timer” measurements work to get this set up properly? Thanks!

Im using agopen to work a 12 section beet drill. It look some setting up. I couldn’t get on with the time delays much either but i do have some numbers in the box and it does seem to work. You might notice 2 coloured lines running through your tractor, i believe these are the 'look ahead ’ lines so the time delays get setup to those lines. My drill is 1.5m behind the link arms and ive got the off delay set at 0.8s and the on delay i think is 0.2s and seems to work for me.
You’ll notice when you put time delays in the section control coloured box will give you an extra colour in between switching from green to red ( on to off) think mines goes blue in between for the amount of time delay you have entered
Play about with these numbrs also the % overlap figure makes a difference

Using section control with sure stop clutches on planter and works amazing! I’m sure you’ve read manual. Biggest thing is getting measurements entered correctly for hitch and implement. Then adjusting time. Like del_boy said pay attention to lines by tractor. As you speed up, they move forward. One is for on delay, one is for off. The pictures near timers are very helpful. You would want to decrease the off delay to have it plant longer. If 0 still isn’t good. Adjust the measurement to implement. I hope you get it dialed in. I am happier with AOG than ag leader! At 5mph, .1sec = 8.8".

This is were the times are set. “On” is how long the section control takes to turn on. “Off” is how long to turn off. “Turn off delay” is a setting for how long you want it to delay after crossing the section to apply across what was already applied. (If you go to that page, there’s some cool graphics of what does what:)


hi, what are the red and green lines?

They are the ‘look ahead’ lines that the timers use. The faster your travelling you’ll see the lines further infront

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green switch on and red switch off?

Thanks! The explanation of the timers is exactly what I needed

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