Section control V 5.5

I’m trying to figure out how the section control works in 5.5.

I found where to assign pins to sections. I’m confused how the section assignment relates to the nano. I want section 1 to be assigned to nano pin D2, section 2 - D3 & section 3 to D4. I only need 3 sections.

Help will be appreciated.

Are you using the ardiuino Ino 5.5 as well? or just AOG 5.5?

I’ll be using both, 5.0 to plant treees and some tree spraying and 5.5 for the rest. I have 5.5 uploaded to the nano and I have it loaded in AgIO. In the section assignment screen I have sections assigned as stated above and sent to the nano. Three sections are filled in with measurements and also sent to the Nano from the machine section. I’m not getting any results on my relays. They work fine in 5.0.

It is supposed to be any pin, any time. I’ve not worked this feature.

The Arduino code in 5.5 to set the relays is as follows:

      if (pin[0]) digitalWrite(13, relayState[pin[0]-1]);
      if (pin[1]) digitalWrite(5, relayState[pin[1]-1]);
      if (pin[2]) digitalWrite(6, relayState[pin[2]-1]);
      if (pin[3]) digitalWrite(7, relayState[pin[3]-1]);

      if (pin[4]) digitalWrite(8, relayState[pin[4]-1]);
      if (pin[5]) digitalWrite(9, relayState[pin[5]-1]);
      if (pin[6]) digitalWrite(10, relayState[pin[6]-1]);
      if (pin[7]) digitalWrite(11, relayState[pin[7]-1]);

      if (pin[8]) digitalWrite(12, relayState[pin[8]-1]);
      if (pin[9]) digitalWrite(4, relayState[pin[9]-1]);

I’m not 100% how all of this is mapped to the pins. Someone else may chime in with better answers.