Section control with isobus

We have a 6 row maize drill running on isobus with electric drive.
Would it be possible to use agopen to turn the sections on and off without it upsetting the isobus controller side? Something along the lines of using a nano and a 6 relay board which is linked to each motor. Bit concerned the isobus module might get upset with motors start and stopping that its not controlling . Anyone done this


Hi, have you tried it?
Im also trying to make VADERSTAD Tempo T6 to work with AgOpens section control. I have a isobus cable thats providing power to machine, and CAN H and CAN L that I dont know what to do with haha…

So I was thinking like you, to put relays in series with electric motors. But it also has 2 more motors, for solid fertilizer and I dont know what else.

Thinking about it deeper I came across some more trouble. I would probably need 18relays(3motors per row x 6rows) because if machine is using PWM to set motors speed than I cant just use 12v from anywhere…

Also, there could be another issue because machine is so smart… if I cut out the power from 1motor it may detect malfunction(since theres no current draw) and stop whole machine until its fixed.

Theres also a seed counter sensor that may keep sending beeps to Virtual Terminal until section turns back on.

I will certainly try to make it work and be happy to share my experience.

No i didn’t bother. Time was running out on us so we just bought the section control unlock code off the dealer. The tractors are already section control unlocked but it still cost £850 for the machine unlock code :unamused:

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It will be quite a long time before AOG can support isobus section control but some day I’m sure it will. To do this AOG will need to implement an isobus task controller. It’s a very complicated thing and described by several hundred pages of specifications. But it will be awesome when it can do it.

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