Section control with teensy autosteer

Hi I am wanting to do basic section control (1section) with my auto steer unit and I don’t want to use a second box running the machine sketch for just one relay. I am using the Teensy (with UDP) so there should be lots of pins available, the code is getting more advanced every new version so I’m having difficulties following what does what in the INO… can someone point me in the right direction? Will I need to add code for the Teensy to “listen” for the machine sentence or is it already doing that. I looked at the excel file that is supposed to explain the PNGs but it isn’t clear to me.

Is it as simple as uncommenting the setRelays(void) and adding this statement into the main void loop? I guess I would also need to define and setup the correct pin in the setup statement?

Did you ever figure this out? I would like to do the same and don’t know where to start.

This also makes since to me that the teensy should be able to control a couple of sections. Has anyone ever done this? I like the idea of it all run from one pcb.