Section control

I have been thinking that there must be a low cost way to add section control to planters and seed drills that aren’t equipped with the nessasary clutches.
Of course we could buy the over the counter products but if agopengps has shown me anything it’s that all that over over priced.

I was thinking using. Simple 12v cluch similar to what’s used on a a/c pully. I haven’t thought through the details but something like this link below might work.
If it could Handle the torque loading I would try to mount it on the jd 750 no till drill. Witch would only have 2 sections but still would be great at the headlands and on angle corners. But also would be great on the 6300 white 12 row planter.

Has anyone tried this or had a better option for a cluch?


Those type of clutches are what is on older air seeder tanks and are quite durable. Seed metering isn’t very hard to turn at all, so yes, a couple relays, a couple clutches - good to go


For section control on a JD 9450 hoe drill with 3 boxes, what about using something like electric over hydraulic to raise and lower each section’s hydraulic cylinder independently?

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I’m not familiar with that drill, does each section have its own drive?

@Mueller yes, each section has it’s own drive (ground driven) that is activated by each section’s hydraulic cylinder when the shovels are lowered to the ground. It’s the same as the old press drills if you are familiar with them.

Have you tried anything with these clutches @Mueller? Sounds like a really cool idea!