Section Relais normally open or closed

I have connected the relais to be normally open. And when aog said “turn off” then it closed the relais and the section. It worked this way on 3.09.
I have just updated my section-control arduino from 3.09 to 4.1. Now my sprayer works the other way. Aog opens the section when it should close.
Why has this been changed?
Now I would need to change wires at the relais to normally closed, but this does not fit to my sprayer. It would be better if I could leave it normally open.
Is there a way to change this?

You have a couple of choices. Go back to 309. Terrible choice.

Wait about a day as i have added invert relay button to arduino settings and will be putting up a new version. I know, its really frustrating with active high and active low relays.

2020-04-06 (8)


Great news, Brian. Thank you. I appreciate your work. That will help me out.

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Since I could not wait for the new version coming and I have to spray a lot the next days, I took a look at the machine.ino file.
It is easy to change no or nc relais.
In the “void set relais” routine I changed “bitset” and “bitclear” for each relais.
Maybe this helps anybody.

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Just released the beta version - but yes, that is all you have to do. I should have just said that in the first place, sorry :frowning:

I am using the newest version of AOG and have uploaded the machine control. I want to keep the raise and lower the way they are, but invert 8 section controls to run electric clutches for the planter. I followed this post and swaped the “BitSet” and “BitClear”. Worked as I wanted by energizing the clutches at the end of the field. Problem is that if I shut of AOG and turn off power to the board, the usb still sends enough power to pull in the relays. The led on the relay board is very dim, but continues to pull in the 8 relays i changed in the code. The raise and lower are unaffected. What did I miss in the code?

Sounds like you got power back feeding somewhere. Put a diode inline to control power flow.
A sketch of your setup would help.

what kind of relay board do you use? some have the possibility of separating the power supply of the relays from that of arduino (opto-isolated ones)

Edit: to relay for both high and low level and with separate power input.
If you used a relay board like this, nano should not be able to activate when separate power is off.

5V trigger

12 V trigger (But I think it is only supply voltage that is 12 V, it says for arduino so trigger in level might still be 5 V)

Thanks, I am using a 16 relay board with its own 5v power supply and had 5v off of the nano also connected. Removed the nano 5v and works great. Thought i would post update for any other newbies.

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