Seed drilling across a slope

Looking into setting up an rtk system with autosteer for drilling cereals. The drill is a 3 metre power harrow mounted air drill. I notice when I am steering myself the drill will drift down hill a fair bit when going across slopes so I am wondering how does ag open rtk deal with this problem. Is it possible to mount the antenna above the seed drill?

If the seed drill and rear tires are being pulled down the side slope and your hand steering is unable to correct it, auto steer will not make it hold the slope any better.

The tractor needs enough ballast and traction to stick to the hill first.

Slope and a small amount of slip are corrected, if there is enough traction to change direction.

AOG will beat the pants off any Trimble bolt on system. The RTK unlock alone for a Trimble is $3500CDN and no Galileo or Beidou.

For the same money as the unlock you can build a very deluxe AOG system.

In Ver 5 there is a setting for Sidehill Deg per Deg of roll (look in Pure Pursuit settings)
That should help your problem using AOG

Thanks for your responses. No the slopes aren’t very steep but you do have to steer slightly up hill and then it is corrected

What is meant by pure persuit?

Its a mathematical model used to steer the tractor back to the line. PP works quite well have not even tested out the alternative “stanley” method.

Ah ok makes sense. So for example, if the antenna is mounted on the roof of the tractor and the seed drill is maybe ten feet behind it how would the software know if the drill was drifting down hill slightly? Even tho the antenna could be on the ab line.

Software would not know.
Next pass drill would drift the same, so distance would be OK (assuming you are not up hill one way and down the other with roll at the same time.
Some of it could be compensated with the sidehill deg. But I think we should add yaw to the equation, because the drill drift is not the same down and up ln that situation.

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Yes hadn’t thought about that. I suppose the problem I am seeing when driving myself is worse because I am following the mark of the bout marker made by the drill from the previous run. So if the drill drifts 6 inches down hill so does the bout mark.

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Tilt of the sidehill is calculated through the bno085, but drift or slide is tough.

Degree per degree of sidehill, and integral both for this.

But if you have a notion to experiment other methods or ideas the program is wide open to explore or change for everyone.