Send to module ck sum problem

The usb connector on my auto steer nano broke off so put a new nano in. I’ve downloaded the support files from here

Release AgOpenGPS v4.3.10 · farmerbriantee/AgOpenGPS · GitHub.

Extracted the files and uploaded the Auto steer usb code to the nano.

I can connect to ports


When I send to module I get a Zero back from the module.

I don’t remember getting the 99999’s from the auto steer, I remember 00000. (On ports screen)

Somethings not right and I’m stumped as to what it is.


in gear menu,
did you update module configuration ?

That is where I’m getting the return of 0. Not the nuber that AOG sent.

Try to retry to update your nano and redowload the ino file to conform to have the correct version

I have done that already, but will do again. I seem to remember a comment in the INO about the version. Is there any comment in the INO as to the version #?

Correct serial baud rate?

Not sure if this works, but click +1 on proportional gain.

Baud rate is set to 38400, I even have that as default rate set in device manager.
plus 1 on proportional gain didn’t do anything.

I doesn’t make sense to me that I can connect but not get the ck sum back from the auto steer module.

At one time there was something that needed to be set before extracting files, but I haven’t done that for a while. If this is missing what is it that needed done. (set permissions somehow)?

Did you update the AOG program as well? 4.3.10 program has been “bug fixed” lately

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Larsvest - you did it again. I had some how gotten an older set of support files. Everything is working now.


@BrianTee_Admin Shouldn’t AoG get a new release number for each minor update? 4.3.10->4.3.11 instead of releasing updates under the same version number?

Maybe a 4.3.X patch release should retain compatibility with the same INO as all the other 4.3.x releases and if a INO update is needed then increment minor number 4.x


There is a new format for versions.

4.3 is major minor version
17 is the arduino version
1 is the latest revision update


I for one am good with this. There can be no doubt what I have and whats the latest.

Sounds good!