Send user settings when changing vehicles

It looks like when I change vehicles, AgOpenGPS does not send the User 1-4 settings. It looks like I have to go in to those pages and send them manually. If there’s a logical reason for that, I’ll keep doing like I have been, but if there isn’t, it is somewhat annoying, and can cause frustration

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I have seen those settings. Curious what you use them for?

They are there to use for whatever you might need. It requires adding custom code but I use them to change variables in the Arduino without reprogramming the Arduino. Things like header height trigger for “work” mapping, sprayer pressure sensor calibration etc.

My section control board is mounted in the cab, to simulate switches being switched on the rate controller.
I have it set to look at user2:

 if (aogConfig.user2 == 0){

to tell the section control box to run the relays in the cab or not, because I don’t want the relays in there switching for section control on some drawn implement that isn’t connected to the rate controller.

they are not sent automatically. which is perhaps better this way.

I use these variables a lot. To avoid sending them back each time I save these variables in EEPROM.

I think mine are saved in EEPROM also. But, I also have different settings for every vehicle.

I totally get that. If it was intentionally set that way, I don’t have any complaints.

Any reason they couldn’t be sent each time you open a field?

I understand you used several tractors with the same tools. whereas for me it’s the opposite. so I don’t have this problem.

Maybe adding an option to enable automatic sending would be a good thing then!

Well, Its all on one tractor, but every tool has different user settings. So every time I change tool, I have to send user settings

Would be very nice for me

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