Sensor Reader

Not a Feature Request. But just wondering.

There appears to be a lot of people wanting to measure and map various things. Maybe I want to map nozzle flow, or someone else wants to measure pressure. Seed rate or something else. Since AOG stores data ever step, why not add a few values to the stored data and be able to view these values later. We played around with this doing some elevation mapping and some in the variable rate stuff. But could not we send AOG various data from the arduino or other sources in the serial port. What I’m saying, is sensor 1 gets data and maps it based on the set values. The user tells what type of data it is. Most sensors are just a form of resistance. Map these values. Let the user tell what it is and what is high and low. Down here in Florida, 30° F is cold. But up in Canada, that’s a heat wave. I may want to plant at 100 lbs/acre, and someone else may plant in metric. The sensor does not know. It is simply mapped to what you tell it to map to. Can we have a basic/generic reader that reads the serial port values and then stores that value mapped and identified in the section.txt? The mapping could be saved with the tool. Just wondering if??

I built a small panel that shows what this could look like. Very basic and very early in the thought process. Not asking anyone to work on this, just wondering if it would be useful. I can build a sensor and map that meets my needs. (Pressure, Temp, Humidity, On or Off) But, can it be more generic so others can use it? Just looking for input.



I don’t have a need for this right now but I sure could in the future. Maybe have a data base of sensors to pick from. How would AOG know how a sensor was attached? 1 wire? 2 wire? 3 or 4? I think it’s a good idea.

Could theses sensor values added to klm files? Can we add more value than Lat, Long?
I have shp files of tiles at look like this in google earth:
From a Trimble system I think.

I would like to be able to measure planter gauge wheel pressure and map it (just a project in the future).
For the sensor reading this could be a dedicated PGN address?

@Ray_Jorgensen, I’m thinking that AOG only gets the serial data. There would be a protocol that it would receive from any given source. Basically just a number. Map that number and then tell the user what he want to know from that number. Arduino sent me 200 out of the allowable 255. that is 78% of the maximum. That maps at 78% of the 500psi nozzle pressure. So the section text is easting, norting, heading, elevation , “Nozzle Pressure”, 390. This is then color coded on the map. And yes @Pat saved to the KML. Clicking on that spot could read out all the data.

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I like this idea, could map yield, moisture, sprayer psi. Works be nice to allow more then 1 at a time.