Set up rtk on avmap farmnavigator g7

Hi everyone. I am new here and in the gps. Few days i read here i dont find nothing about it. My question is does someone know how to or wanna help me set rtk on av map farmnavigator g7. I can took pic of all stuf i have and want add rtk with own base. On another tractor want build autosteer from zero. Thnx

Page 27 or 78 - use a local base at rtk2go etc, or set up your own as guided here: FreeRTK/ at main · lansalot/FreeRTK · GitHub

Thank you. But i dont have top end rtk reciever on rover. Have midle option with 30cm accuracy. I need new receiever? And on rtk2go i see nearest one 150km away is it ok?