Setting on Case Puma CVX autosteer ready/Montage sur Case Puma CVX preequipeGPS

Hi everybody, i look for upgrading my Case Puma with AOG.
It’s my first project with objective seeding and soil works but i feel a bit lost in différent possible settings:
I hésitate between two ways: controling Bus-can or control directly steering valves and switch WAS to get angle information.
I already read subject of Puma 220 from Fivefinnishfarmer and another about T7 New Holland but I do not see (or I missed informations) setting or pictures about electronic card, antenna, wiring schémas etc) des somebody could draw différences between the two settings si I could see if Il able to install it?
Thanks per avance, and sorry for my approximative english :wink:

are you ready for self-guiding? If the valve on top of the orbitrol is not Danfoss, I think you won’t be able to control it with CAN.
You have information in the forum, almost everyone uses the ardusimple ublox antenna and the PCB V2 or Kaupoi, you also have the option of Andreas who sells the board ready to use.