Setting up a Base Station

It’s v5.6.15 UDP and it’s a birds nest wiring

Then my answer about not to edit anything is wrong, I thought you asked about having to input settings in ntrip.

For udp and old 5.6 version you absolutely have other settings to input.
Watch some of brians videos, you find them by clicking the YouTube icon at top of this discourse group.
Should look like this, videos are almost 1 year old

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Ok thankyou my I wasn’t sure what settings I had to use to receive rtk corrections from my base station that I had setup with the Xbee sb3 modules . Thanks again

When you are using Xbee radio on Ardusimple receiver to receive RTCM messages, there is no need to set anything for NTRIP in AOG. The F9P will simply use the RTCM and provide RTK based positions to AOG.

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I’m not familiar with the sb3 module, but it needs to connect to the f9p, I don’t think it has anything to do with your steering circuit or NTRIP settings.

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