Setting up Iowa CORS network

I have never used RTK level gps corrections before so could easily, once again, be doing something really dumb. When I click cliant ntrip and put in what I believe to be the broadcaster URL, I get this error. What did I miss? I also tried including https://

This is the document I am working with for reference.

IaRTNRTKProducts-NTRIP-QuickGuide (1).pdf (425.2 KB)

Any advise on which mount point is correct would be appreciated as well. I have no idea what I’m doing…

My firewall allowed apps list shows two instances of agio, not sure why that is but both are allowed so I don’t think that’s the problem.

maybe take the forward slash (/rtk) off the web address?

Just enter the IP in there

Then on mine I have to manual type in the mount name. I use RTCM3_IMAX. Also set your port to 10000

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I do the same but am able to pick the mount name from the list when I click Get Source table. I use MSM_NEAR. Good to have another Iowan using AOG.

Do you mean MSM_IMAX or is there a MSM_NEAR as well? I’ve been meaning to try MSM_IMAX

There is a MSM_NEAR. Click the Get source table button and he list to pick from should pop up. You’ll have to have the ip set to

@Justin8366 @B_bimmer @davidroberts30 Where are you guys at? I’m in Hampton 30 mi S of Mason City.


In kentucky you have to register sign up with the admin and get a password before you can connect. Not sure how your state works. If they have a contact give them a call

Runnells, IA just east of Des Moines.

I’m on the far east side by Dubuque. I was not able to enter just an IP, that field did not allow me to change anything. It’s like the current one is permanent. I can highlight it, but cannot delete it or type over it in any way. I was apparently stuck in some infinite loop due to putting it in wrong first.

After a fair amount of fiddling everything stopped complaining. Does the little words RTK fix with a colon after it in the upper right corner mean everything is working or should it have an age after it? The GPS/RTK light is still red on my board.

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You are all green and rtk fix you are good to start setting up your first tractor. Use the wizard it makes it so easy. Congrats

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