Setting up small Kubota m7060 with different diameter

I have a small tractor Kubota m7060. This tractor Has very small diameter. I know IT. I think diameter is different for left turn and right turn.
I had an issue with calibratuon od trimble.
Now i’m in phase of setting up agopengps with baraki hydraulics.
On was configuation when i turn right diameter is 4.8m, when i turn left it’s 6.1.
How can i handle this setup?
Other issue is the system goes straight on line very long. When it is on-line ab IT goes nice, but IT takes time

some vdeos on YT - as a private playlist

Just set up the was cpd and Ackerman like normal. Then set the max steer angle to the max angle when turning left. And set turn radius off the left turn radius. Just don’t use the extra angle on the right side basically.

ok, thanks, I will try this idea.