Settings for UDP connections,F9p,steer,tablet

I have struggled with the UDP setup in the past and most of it stems from getting the proper IP range on laptop. You need the laptop to be in the 192.168.1.x range. To simplify my setup I used a data modem that gets internet from a sim card & also acts as a router for my setup. I set this router lan to be and to be a DHCP server. I used a Usr to ttl adapter on the F9p to make it Udp, have a 5 port switch to connect, F9p, steer module, laptop, modem & Rate control module, I left the CMps on Usb but make sure you have enough ports on switch if you plan to do all these. I used the Usr program to set ports on F9p adapter, I set local port to 8214 and remote to 9999, you can see this in pics. I didn’t change any settings in the steer ino, they are already set on 192.168.1.x range. Pics should explain most of settings, hope this helpsIMG_20210808_081655


Followup- after a day or so of testing and start ups. Have noticed sometimes when get started I end up with laptop connecting to internet, if I unplug the usb to Ethernet and usb adapter abd plug it back in the internet reappears and all works, not sure what happens