Settings for working between tree rows, alternate row pattern sequence?

Still getting familiar with all of AOG’s functionality.

Lets say you have a 12 foot space between tree rows, and a six foot implement. The tree trunk rows themselves are 2ft wide.

So to work between planted rows the guidance would have to do two 6 ft passes, skip a 2ft row, then do two 6ft passes, then skip a 2ft row.

Is inputting variable pattern sequences already hiding in software? or just keep nudging over?

My searching only found skips, and multi skips, also very useful.

In the AOG-Tree, you can build two lines 6 ft apart and then ask AOG to set the ablines at 14ft apart. Run one set then the other. But I don’t believe AOG currently has this feature.

Will add to my bored in winter list.

Still know nothing about coding GUI on windows, but a fun project is a good place to learn.