Settings switchboard

I’m curious to know how one would go about creating a switch board for the steering settings. I share the tractor with my father who is nearly 70. Tweaking the settings in the computer will piss him off and he’ll just drive manually like he has done his whole life.

How would one go about coding a switchboard to adjust the setting? So say linear potentiometers for gain an heading settings so that it’s a physical adjustment?

Do you actually need to adjust settings? For most part when you find what works you stick to those settings.

As operator must select what tractor / implement is used, save specific settings for different implements as different vehicles. TractorX+ImplementY etc.

So when you load vehicle profile you load steering settings tuned for that tractor/implement combo as well.


My machine use/profiles went from spreader to roller to spreader, so large speed changes.

My settings when loading the spreader the second time behaved incredibly wobbly. No idea what that was about but yeah, I had to redo the settings.