Setup wizard

I was wondering if there has ever been any attempt at a set up wizard? A simple step by step program that would help an a new tractor installation.

If there was an option to run a wizard that would go through all the basic setup setting, such as checking the wheel angle sensor and steer motor direction. All the way down the the measurements for anttena placemat. Every thing needed to have successful installation. It would make life alot easier for some one who is very green to the program. To make sure they didn’t miss a step.
It might seem Obvious to most of you, especially anyone helping with development but for a average Joe farmer there is alot that needs setup.

Also, on a slightly different topic but is along the same lines as trying to make life easier, there has to be a way to have some kind of auto tune for the PID settings. A program That Would help get the basic setting close enough that most farmers would be satisfied. I just had a tractor that was difficult to find the right settings, it can be frustrating, there is alot of different setting that can change how AOG handles and some times it’s not that obvious.
I think there is all the right hardware already installed to get enough feed back to AOG to help with the settings.



For the meantime, perhaps, we could build a database of settings of vehicles. Simply, this is what works for me. As a sample, I would post (These are not real settings, this is just a sample of what to post.)

Short Description:
Tractor Brand: Massey Ferguson 271 Wheel base 280, radius, 250, track 190,
Tool: Pull behind Sprayer, 6 meter Width, 3 sections.
GPS: Fix to Fix
WAS: Front Left wheel pivot

There may be other files we need to post. But the vehicle file is very important.
Default Vehicle.XML.txt (10.9 KB)

Remove the .txt and save into your vehicle folder.

Then a screen shot of your vehicle.


Thanks for the idea, but I’m not sure that it would do much good, probably cause more confusion.
There are simply to many different ways to install the hardware and each part will change the settings or the tune. Every Thing from type of WAS to the gear ratio on the steer motor.
I’m all for sharing but unfortunately unless it’s identical tractors with identical installs sharing setting and PID settings wont help.

Agree, but any starting point closer than default would be better to know that it worked on someone’s machine that was close to what you were doing. With a proper data base of history, multiple default vehicles may be selected upon install. Currently, there is only one. That is obvious that it doesn’t work for anything other that what it does. I believe that the more information that you include about your install the better for the next person. Truly, a self learning adjustments would be nice. Brian has included some of the radius learning settings, but there is definitely room for more.

Yes I must say I’m still researching this site enough to be 100% confident before making a platform/tractor. This GUI looks outstanding and I can’t wait to use it