Sharing gps lines

just wondering if anyone has talked about sharing ab lines between 2 systems?? or have some ideas about making something, running 2 combines of open ag with a ntrip signal off the hot spot on my phone

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You can share field data thru Dropbox or something. You can make an AB line in 1 combine, save it en import the field and ab lines in the second combine, all over hotspot 4g connection. Is that what you want?

yes that was i was thinking,will give that a try and see how it works

Are you sharing between 2 AgOpenGPS systems or something else?

sharing between 2 open ag systems, was thinking with 2 identical combines pulling into a field running off rtk, one sets a ab line at one end of the field and if the other one picked up the same line everything should work out going up and down the field were you wouldn’t end up with a 2 foot strip to clean up

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I have been using a program called Syncthing to copy data between the tractor and the house easily. It should work in the background and you can sync any folder, to any location on another computer. Can’t guarantee it will work in your situation, but its definitely an option.

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expanding on this idea. is it possible for the second combine to push progress to the 1st combine? by that i mean could they synchronize there projects.

or is there a way to import a partial field into another partial field to make one complete field?

I think it would be awesome to share data between combines to update the map together.

but the more I think about it you will probably always have a clean up strip with two combines unless the program is smart enough two run at least two swaths less than full capacity.

If the two combines work from the inside out, so the grain cart can run in the middle, you end up with two cleanup strips. If you start outside in its tougher for the grain cart but you still end up with a strip.

The program would have two be smart enough to know that a 2ft strip would be left, then run one combine at partial capacity for two swaths to not leave a strip.

Hopefully that made sense to someone other than me.

Being able to see the other combines progress would be i think simpler and more awesome. Seeing everyone’s grain tank and fuel levels would be even more cadillac. Being able to know swath direction from the swather recording turning the swaths green or red relative to your travel direction would be super futuristic.

Also an output to a train horn in the grain cart to wake up the driver, that should be an upgrade priority.


was hopping to share gps lines to, thinking if one set the line and the other combine loaded up the line, should work in theory, but might take some messing around. totaly agree about the air horn in the grain cart, and mabye something to wack the cell phone out of there hand to get them off tictok lol. its not every day when you see a grown man twerking in the middle of the feild


That Tik Tok is pretty addictive. Its amazing how much more fun it is to watch manure injection, than it is to actually do manure injection. I could watch farmers poop ploughing, combine fires, and getting stuck to set electronic club music for hours.