Side antenna inversion


This isn’t properly a bug but more probably a mis-programming.
In my situation with antenna on the left og the tractor, the picture in settings induce to set a negative value, however I needed to set a positive value (see picture) in order that the guidange work properly.

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I agree it is difficult. negative steer value is left, but maybe the figure should point out that it is center of tractor that is offset ?

I asked to my neighbour who thougt it exactly like me.
Yes, just the picture isn’t clear enough on my opinion.
To us it look like with negative value it’s equivalent to move the antenna on the left.
It’s just not intuitive to think that the tractor picture move under the antenna.

It leaves a space of 10 cm in one direction during sowing. I could not set the exact zero center according to the working width. What size am I entering wrong? I have the dual antenna as well. Single antenna imu happened to me.

I suppose you have overlap the other side then. Could just be the side push from seeder. If so you could enter 5 cm offset of antenna.

I tried and did not find the solution. I suspected that I was entering the wheel dimensions incorrectly, I tried it, it was not a complete solution.