Simple antenna question

Hello all - I would like to use aog just as simple guidance to start with - am I right thinking that an usb antenna plugs straight into the computer for this purpose - and does the quality of said antenna affect the accuracy ?

I think connecting the antenna is not enough. Even if you have a tablet with a built-in GPS receiver, the position will be very inaccurate. You need a GPS receiver with an antenna, preferably RTK. Read about it in the forum.

For simple guidance RTK might not be needed (although always recommended). Many commercial products run on EGNOS/WAAS.

There are GPS receivers (antenna is not enough, a completer receiver with an antenna is often calls just an “antenna”) that support EGNOS and WAAS and plug to a laptop USB port.

Note that most often these receivers cannot be upgraded to RTK.

Thankyou for these replys - so is there such a thing as combined antenna and reciever to put on cab roof ? I am trying to replicate something like the black box I currently use in my sprayer as a second one is currently needed - I realise that it may not be suitable for future steer projects.I already have a toughbook with aog on. If anyone has a link to something suitable that would be great.
Thanking you for your help with this in advance…

I don’t know these products but if you google for GNSS receivers supporting WAAS/EGNOS and have a USB serial port, you could find something like these:

Better to check that the specs are correct.