simpleRTK2B Heading – Basic Starter Kit as heading gps

Hi everyone,
I want to instal a heading gps on my tractor for spraing paddy fields.
So, my question is this: is simpleRTK2B Heading – Basic Starter Kit usefull as heading gps in AgO???
If yes wich configuration i have to use?
If no, there are another commercial board to buy?
And Sorry for my English…

Heading kit is not supported by AOG. Normal F9P from ardusimple is enough for lighbar. Load rover config, connect to tablet with usb.

Just a clarification as I have not used the dual receiver approach and I’m too lazy to read tutorials: Is this lack of support actually related to some configuration control or are you talking about hardware/PCB support?

Ignoring installation on a circuit board, the 2Blite would have the same functionality as the 2B. Either use the module independently as if both were 2B or configure both via u-center?

Would the combo not work on a dual receiver circuit board if the the 2B was installed as the rover board and the 2Blite was piggybacked on the 2B?

Anyway, I agree the dual is not needed for light bar guidance (but I did not see Risicoltore mention “guidance only”?). Then again, he seemed to be considering which parts to purchase, why not then go for standard parts like two RTK2B boards (normal or micro) or any other receiver that the board is built to support.

It is related to kit outputing heading in UBX format, witch is not supported by AOG.

So it better to use standard parts (2x F9P) then to try to reuse b2lite from kit.

AOG can also use IMU (BNO08X) for big part of heading (70% 30% GPS). So only single reciver is used and no need for dual gps for heading. (Even reverse detection works now on single reciver). So going dual is more about roll compensation. Witch it self is debatable what is better, dual or single+IMU. But second option is cheaper.

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Thank you tuzlian!
You make me safe lot of money and time.

Probably saving a lot of time, not many Euros (Dollars if you prefer) unless you mean going for single instead of dual receivers. One does not need to use the Ardusimple heading kit as they configure it. The 2B and 2Blite receiver pair can be configured equally as the 2B + 2B pair. The same output in both cases.

To be clear, I’m not promoting the dual option, I’ve never used it myself.

SimpleRTK2B Heading – Basic Starter Kit is 440€ vs 2x simpleRTK2B – Basic Starter Kit = 422€, so not much but you can get IMU for that difference.

But more important point is that AOG hardware uses simpleRTK2B or micro version, lite is harder to reuse in PCBs. But can be reused for base if needed.

Most interesting development in dual gps is testing and integration of um982. Which could provide dual gps at lower cost then F9P+IMU.

122€ um982 + 62€ (2x 3band antenna) + 5€ (2x antenna cables (to equalize with ANN-MB-00 5m cable)) + 2€ (2x mmcx to sma cable) = 191€
F9P kit 228.5€ + IMU 16.5€ + 1€ SMA M to F cable (to equalize panel mount capability inside pcb box)= 246€

So 55€ difference between single vs dual. While um982 can work also like f9p with single+imu, witch makes difference of 76.5€ (good part of motor or tablet) vs F9P kit. (also um982 is 3band vs f9p dual band. Witch should result in better accuracy then F9P).

Prices compared with shipping, no tax.

You make me save money and time because decided to leave the project of heading.
I haven’t the necessary knoweldgement to assembly two gps with a esp32 or connect a IMU ecc. ecc. I have to use a system plug and play.

I use from 2019 AOG as light bar with a single gps based in a f9p and for me Is enaugth but usualy in winter i try to improved my system, last year try to apply variable rate. This winter i likes to use rear detection.

So another question: what can i do to install a IMU???

Lastone question:
With this set up of drotek based on two F9P can i have a plug and play system for heading or nothing change from 2 ardusimple?

DrotekDoc_0891B08A - DP0601 GNSS RTK (F9P).pdf (1,6 MB)