Simulator jumps to next line?

Hello everyone,

I’m a farmer in the Netherlands, after following the combine forum for a long time and now this forum, I finally took the step to build my hardware (pcb v2 version) and tested with the help of Brians new video’s about how to hookup and test. All hardware working!

Now I have a problem with the simulator (V4.3.10) when making an A-B line and follow that line the simulator constantly jumps to the next line (immidiately after it reaches 0 distance from that line) and this keeps repeating. What am I doing wrong?

Please share the next items. (If possible with pictures or screen shots

  • Work width of implement Attached
  • any changes in antenna setup?
  • implement offset?

thanks for your reply, the problem was that I entered the implement width as offset. Set offset to zero en now it works fine!