Single antenna heading

I found a problem. The accuracy of dual antenna heading is much higher than that of single antenna heading, and the navigation effect is much better. Is there any problem with single antenna heading fusion?

Most of us do not use VTG anyway, heading is calculated in AOG plus an IMU.

I found that VTG and dual antenna heading are very different !!! but Where is this part of the code? I didn’t find it.

Unless you select VTG, AOG does not use it. If you have to pass VTG on to another rate controller is the only
reason to enable it. If you select FIX AOG is doing the heading math and only requires GGA. The code is in the windows source code.

Also the new PANDA upgrade under development gets rid of the small delay between IMU and GNSS heading, the result as demonstrated by @Vili is very stable. Though I am not sure which setup wins the super slow motion contest, currently dual is best at super slow speeds 1km/h and less.

Thank you for your detailed answerLove this a lot.

Yes it’s the best solution

hello,my friend.what is the meaning of this formula?I don’t understand.

Would have to ask the masters @BrianTee_Admin.

You are at the same level on this topic. I am starting to get to know visual basic. I know where to find the parts of the program I want to change but I am still throwing darts how the windows side works and how they are actually pulling it off.

@BrianTee_Admin Hello,Brian,Can you give me some advice?Thakn you.