Single or dual? Base Station? What upgrade should I explore?

Currently have Single antenna and IMU. Works fine for cultivation. Still setting up for vegetables, but I’m noticing a few issues with heading and direction. Could still be settings I need to adjust, time will tell. I’m looking at upgrades just incase.

How do I weigh up the benefit of Dual vs Single antenna? And I’m currently operating off an RTK signal 40km away, how do I weigh up whether to build a base station?

RTK accuracy is often given as 7mm + 1mm per kilometer distance from base station.

You can improve your accuracy a lot by building your own nearby base.

EDIT: If you search google for “RTK base station max distance” you will get all sorts of different answers, many of those answers are way less than 40 km.

Agopen 5.7.3 is not released yet but will have some improvments running slow with one antenna.

Maybe try to get some answers from someone tried it ot go for dual maybe.

Running language version with Bno and single antenna. At 125 meter per hour. We run own base station and this one was 35 km away… no problem