Sk21 rate controller

Hi everyone! I’m just getting started on my first season with AOG on one of our tractors here and I see huge potential to utilize the rate control app as well. How recently has it been updated? Also, what PCB would work best for 3 product rate control, with potential for 2 of those to be variable rate in the future? I’m considering converting a box drill to hydraulic drive, and would do main seed, grass seed, and liquid fertilizer separate. Any suggestions what valve(s) to get for controlling the hydraulic motors?

The rate app is being continually updated. The RC11 pcb can do 2 rates. Multiple pcbs/modules can be connected to the rate app for more rates. I don’t know what the best valves would be.

Do you need a valve? Or can you use a pump?

This concept is used to controll liquids flow in where its smal volumes

Hmmm. Well, right now the liquid fertilizer is set up with mechanical drive diaphragm pump, with a system pressure regulator and an orifice for each row. What I was thinking was a hydraulic drive motor for the fertilizer pump, with a PWM valve to control motor speed. I’m open to other ideas as well though

Sounds great! In that case I’d be liable to use the 2 product rate control for the drill (main seed and liquid fertilizer) and get an equal width roller of some kind and mount the grass seeder on there, with its own drive and controller. Then it could also be used as a standalone unit, if needed.

I went electric drive rather than hydraulic. Cheaper and a bit more simple on a smaller machine I think.
There’s a thread on here somewhere with a few photos of my machine. I should add a few more as it’s complete now and planted this seasons crop faultlessly.
There’s also another rate controller thread here at the moment you could check out for details on PWM valves for oil flow control. The poster has put links to the valve used on his sprayer.