Snip serial stream and rtk2go push out issues

So i’ve got my base station up and running. Everything works well while its on. I have my own f9p base station configured connected to my pc, and pushing out the serial stream via snip.
On the tractor i have the ardusimple ntrip master connected to my phones hotspot to pick up the corrections. Then running to an ag leader integra.

The issue i’m having is that even when I leave my pc plugged in, not set to ever sleep. The push out stream in snip shuts off and i have to reconfigure the serial stream and the push out stream via RTK2GO. Internet connection is not the issue i dont believe. I’m running the lite version of snip as a registered user. It usually works for the most part in the same session but when i power down the tractor and start it up again the next day, or later in the same day, I have to go back and delete all the streams and restart all of them in snip.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to avoid this issue so the base station is constantly online?


use rtkbase instead on a raspberry pi? tiny amount of power used, and it’ll just run forever, saving you having to have that noisy PC on