Software Developer - Here to help

Hi all,

I wasn’t sure where to post this, so if it’s wrong, let me know, and I will move it.

I am starting a company to do software development. I have been helping build and design IoT systems for quite some time. I’d love to help take your ideas from your head to production!

I came across this community as many people use or have used u-blox products. I am pretty familiar with their products and services. I can assist you with developing a wide assortment of solutions, from simple scripts helping you manage L-band SPARTN keys to building a real-time enterprise-wide data analytics platform scaled out on one of the big cloud providers. If there are large projects, no problem; I have a network of developers I can tap into.

I’d love to hear about projects you are working on and if you need help. Feel free to respond here to this topic or email me at

Are you looking to volunteer to help with AgOpenGPS software or offering software development services for a fee? If it is the latter, this should probably be in the Sales area. SALES - AgOpenGPS

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