Solar powered ntrip base

Have anyone done this yet?
To get good phone reception I’ll need to put up base where there isn’t any power nearby, so I need to go solar, and is a Wi-Fi router good enough for the base too (I’ve read somewhere one need cable internet for base, I don’t have any🙁)?

Solar powered LORA base, the other side of the tee was for the lora antenna but had to wait for a cable.

The only difference would be a 4g modem for Ntrip, and a bigger battery and panel. Lora did not use many watts.

I eventually went to mains powered NTRIP, convenience and winters lack of sun wins every time.

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Thanks Tynell, that’s good news.
Just to be sure, a full bar 4G mobile reception is good enough for base ( internet is only used to send rtcm messages and nothing else)?

Cell reception is very location, provider and tower dependant. Full bars does not always guarantee
good connection.

Try an internet speed test at the location using a phone from the same provider. It should give you better insight into how good the connection is.

You mean like sending a email from one phone and see how long it takes to get to another? How fast would be adequate?

Internet speed test. With a website or app such as I believe is the one I generally use. Or just google speed test

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Super, thanks a lot!