[SOLD] Assembled V2.5 PCB's

Looking to see if anyone would be interested in a completely assembled pcb or two. I have 4 left over standard V2.5 ampseal boards that are fully assembled and tested along with all the component except F9P. (Teensy, BNO085, MD13S, ADS1115, amp seal) They would come with one of Vili’s 3d printed cases and a princess auto wheel angle sensor(with connector). Shipping would be from Western Canada but I probably won’t be able to get them out for a week or two.

I’m interested. Not very good with electronics but would love to get this running on my tractor and spray truck. Let me know the price please. I’m in Nebraska.

I´m interested in one or two. I live in Norway.

I am really to sure what a fair price would be, but would $390 CAD($290 USD) be a fair price? I don’t think shipping to the USA would be to bad but Norway might be a bit expensive.

I am interested in a board or two. In South Dakota, USA.

I am interested in a board located in Minnesota

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