[SOLD] PCB V2.4 in EU

I have few PCB (micro and not micro) which I can resell. Have ordered from JLCPCB with most components mounted. Ampseal version.


Ile kosztuje płyta nie mikro z wysyłką do Polski?

is it possible to ship to Italy? I am interested in 1 standard pcb no micro, which parts are missing? how much does the pcb + shipping cost?

Yes, it is possible to ship to Italy. 70€ + 20€ shipping. I will send you photo later.

Check your PM, please.

1 micro and 2 standard left.

I am interested for one PCB

Which one?

Can you send me a picture of the mini PCB? Is that the Kapoi PCB ?

It is all in one PCB V2.4

I just saw that the picture is the micro PCB. I need the big one, also the not micro.

No more standard PCB. Only 1x micro left.

It’s over.