[SOLD] PCB V2.4 in US

Willing to part with two of my extra V2.4 PCBs. See pictures for what is currently populated. All necessary items that JLC was short on have been added. I can add additional headers for the second F9P if you’re planning to go dual receiver route or the 24v in terminals if going 24v.
Would be will to negotiate a trade for a set of Potato farmers design for mounting a Phidget 3269_3 and a segmented gear set.

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How much you asking?

Don’t have a good reference for what the going rate is, but how does $80 for one w/o Ampseal header. $90 with the Ampseal. Free shipping in the US.

Sounds fair. I have enough boards currently. I may upgrade some of our boards to panda if no one else needs some though. We’ll give a week for others that don’t have enough, then I’ll buy them if you still have them.

I’ll take them both. Not sure where in the US you are, but I am sure we could find a way to get it done. I am in Illinois.

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Me too what part of Illinois? I’m north of Alton 30 min

Northeast of Bloomington.

I bought the Ardusimple dual starter kit bundled with all the antennas and the RF radios, I have been collecting Teesny’s, Nano’s, Ethernet ports, PoE splitters, and everything I can find to jump on the ACE branch. But if If I can get an all in 1 PCB I can get some stuff done with some precision, starting with spreading my chicken litter. I don’t want to wait until it’s too late.

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I suspect the Ace project is only for Micro f9p but I don’t know that definitively. Last I saw, Potato farmer was testing with a Sparkfun F9P.


Welcome to AOG. Glad to have someone else from IL. Good luck. @m_elias is great helpful guy along with many others here. I help what little I can. I have been running AOG on our sprayer since 2019 and still am using original system. Need to upgrade badly. It still works! Whatever you build will be time will spent.

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I would sooner look for the education required to build an AOG system than spend money I don’t have on parts that require dealership support at prices that defy the conscience. I was a mechanic for 25 years before my stroke, and I still have a little spark of intrigue left to try to defy my physical limitations. I am visually impaired, and I have enough readers to see these small components when I wear more than one pair at a time. LOL I used to be able and tenacious. Now I hope my audaciousness doesn’t get me into trouble. Thanks for the welcoming words.

ACE may be developed for the smaller GPS boards. That’s where I will have to be compelled to adapt or break down and buy a spark fun or the small Ardusimple. I only chose the Ardusimple RTK2B starter kit for the ease of a base station. It was a reasonable price for a base/rover configuration compared to the Emild. $100 dollars more than the Emlid and the box had far more in it, with base and rover modules. I have very little by way of cellular coverage around our farm. The XBee radios appeared to be a better option. We’ll see.

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