[SOLD] V2.4 standard boards, teensy 4.1, MD13S, BNO085, ZED-F9, antenna

Hello, I bought these all in hopes of completing a project with them but am now graduating from college and won’t get to them (and kinda need the money). All are brand new and have never been used. Looking to sell as a bundle for everything. Here’s what I have:

  • 5 v2.4 standard boards from JCLPCB
  • 1 Teensy 4.1 IMXRT1062
  • 1 Cytron MD13S Motor Controller
  • 1 Adafruit BNO085 IMU
  • 1 ArduSimple simpleRTK2B (ZED-F9P)
  • 1 u-blox multi-band GNSS Antenna (ANN-MB-00)
  • 2 ampseal cables, 1 fuse cable, 1 switch from AliExpress

Link to pictures of it all:


Bought it all for about $715, looking to sell everything for $600 shipped OBO.

EDIT: I am located in South Dakota, so would be willing to cover shipping within the US, anything outside the US I’d ask to split the shipping.

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Those are v2.4 standard boards

Thank you for the correction, I have updated the post.

Hello. do you want to sell one tile?

I can’t message you directly, maybe cause I’m brand new to the forum?

Message me if possible on your end.

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