[SOLD] V4.1 Micro Ampseal PCB's

I ordered 20 V4.1 Micro Ampseal PCB’s today and I should be able to start shipping them out in about 2 weeks. They are completely assembled with all the headers and Ampseal connector on the board and they will be tested. If anyone wants one or two send me a private message. I will probably be asking around ~$100 CAD($74 USD) a board+ shipping from Western Canada. I also plan on making up a few completely assembled units(teensy, cytron, IMU, etc) near the end of the month.


I am interested in your offer. Are there all the parts that should be soldered to the board? Do you have the opportunity to send 1 set to Ukraine?

I am very new here and do get confused easily, but are these the all in one boards that the wiki recommends? This micro board that you are selling would be what plugs into the tablet and controls the steering motor/ valves, and sectional control? Or would I need to get the completely assembled unit from you to do that?

I am assuming with this I still need to purchase all of the GPS equipment, do you think the simpleRTK2B – Starter Kit XLR would work with this (I realize the range is probably overkill but it would mean I can do my whole farm with it)? I am trying to make an RTK base station, and a rover system that preferably talk to each other through radios instead of cell.

I think I’d like to purchase 2 from you, based on my knowledge, probably completely assembled units though.

Any advice would be very greatly appreciated

I am from Manitoba

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