Some Questions


The PCBv2 is working now, but i have some questions.
Using Version 5.4
1- U- Turn only works great when turning right. Going left it keeps steering in circle’s? Anyone have a idea what the cause can be? I do not see any weird things happen in difference as turning to the right.

2- MMA works (only takes 2 min to wait until it counts down to 0.0 after every start…is this normal??) but why should i change to Bno08x? Or can i use CMPS14 and what are the differences.

Bno08x are hard to find or price range between 100 en 1000 euro :frowning:

Hope someone can explain.

Greetz Ray

If it is like number 8 circles, I have noticed it happens when turn radius is same as u turn.
So if u turn is 12m set radius at 5.99 m


No it just steers full left and keeps that way untill i turn the wheel.

When u-turn right all works well. And also left and right steering on autopilot works normal.