Speed incorrect

The AgIo gps data displays correct speed but AgopenGPS displays a speed about 4 x faster than actual.
Ublox antenna connected to usb
Any suggestions?

Try latest version of AOG ?

What configuration did you put in the GPS receiver?
Can you send me the config file of your vehicle in AOG?
I hope I can help you.

My knowledge of the system is limited to pushing buttons.
Assuming you are asking: fixed antenna 100%gps fusion
Gps is at 9600 but have tried different settings.
When sitting still antenna reads 0 or 0.1 but speed displayed bounces around 0.5 to 1.2
While moving actual 5.0 displayed is 20 ±

Any updates on this? Same exact thing.

I don’t know if this is related.
I didn’t notice any issues on version 5.5.0.
A couple of days ago I tried version 5.6.10 and at real speed about 6 km/h aog speed display was 8 km/h. The number and the dial display was the same. Displayed speed wasn’t even constant, it varied from 8 up to 10 km/h at constant speed, mostly around 8 km/h.
The difference in GPS was that I disabled VTG as suggested somewhere for 5.6. Could it be related? Without VTG version 5.5.0 didn’t display the speed anymore.

Does 5.6.11 use VTG again? There’s been reports of issues with AoG calc speed from GGA. What’s your setup, single/dual, IMU?

I have Ardusimple simpleRTK2B F9P.
I enabled VTG NMEA message again. Now speed display is correct. I tried on versions 5.6.10 and 5.6.11.

I´m testing version 5.6.14.
Setup: Single GPS + Panda(Teensy 4.1+BNO080).
UDP, only GGA from GPS
Result: No speed and Heading
With USB connection same result, tractor goes sideways allways pointing to same direction.
Everything else seems working, RTK etc…

For speed you have to enable VTG in the GPS
For the heading, in AOG you have to select FIX to FIX as heading in the settings.

Yes ! But if you are using Panda, The VTG message does not come through.
In Autosteer_gps_teensy_v5_5.ino you can read this info.

// Disabled VTG for now because speed is calculated by AOG
//parser.addHandler(“G-VTG”, VTG_Handler);

I think this is @BrianTee_Admin´s hay.

I think I’m using an older “Autosteer_gps_teensy_v5_5” than you then.
In my ino this line is active, maybe just active it to try.

I’m still runing AOG v5.6.0 UDP, before this VTG removal thing.

Your heading is correct now?

Activation do not work. It has errors after errors. Some code mast be missing.
I´m trying to find the older ino-file.

edit: Version 5.6.0 is no longer on GitHub.
anyway, this is not the right way solve this problem.
I await Brian’s reply (when he has hobby time) :joy:

I too am having the same issue. I am on AOG 5.6.12.

I was able to get the heading corrected. If you select FIX in Antenna Heading Type in AOG settings screen. If you are on VTG it will not do heading.

I too am using Panda while testing a different IMU. However I am not getting speed indicated in AOG.

I am interested in where this goes.

Here is the one (I think :grimacing:) I use, with VTG:
Autosteer_gps_teensy_v5_5.zip (42,7 Ko)

You will have to check and change serial, wire and pins.
Maybe all the UDP comm will not work since it changed from v5.6.0
Maybe you can also just copy the “zHandlers.ino”

I had to change IP-addres to
I´m testing now version 5.6.10.
On the test bench it works as expected.
More testing on the field conditions to day.

Take a look at my post here

This was my fix for getting heading and speed to work.

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Hello, I’m having speed issues as well. Or I do suspect that I wasn’t really driving 279km/h with my tractor…

I got fix nicely and f9p on usb port has VTG messages enabled. I’m using ardusimple config for rover. The improved config mentioned here seems to be for older firmware version of f9p. Is it worth downgrading the firmware? Or is there some specif improvements I could repeat on 1.32 firmware?