Spikes in the set point

I am currently working on a project that uses a linear actuator with potentiometer feedback to control the steering on AgOpenGps. It is working well except I get spikes on the movement of the actuator. ie the set point spikes causing the actuator to spike. I have the ADS and the MMA mounted. The pot is 0 to 5 volts. Any advice would be appreciated

Is it the same without MMA?

Yes it is better without the MMA. Are you suggesting that I junk it?

Would a Dogs 2 be better?

As an alternative
Should I connect both the High and Low of the 7 connector to the signal wire of the WAS

thanks for your ideas

Yes it is probably better to leave it if the terrain is near flat, it seems to be a common problem with the MMA or something in the program. Don’t know about the Dogs-2.

Here’s a video of what happens on my screen when it occurs: