My second project is working good ! French sprayer artec Rs20. Just autosteer for now. Rtk ublox f9p.


I updated AOG on my sprayer,
Low and MaxPWM really helped to make it even better … In a few hours it will be time for me to do my first pass in a field, I feel excited about it. Just one thing missing, Travis’ Uturns …

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Hello Tooki,

Did you finaly succes with the section control on your Artec ?


Hi Math

I didn t have time to implement the solution we found to make the switches work. It asks me to go solder on the pcb of the isobus box, and I missed the time to take it apart and do it properly. But since then I have made a little progress in listening to the CAN bus, so I have the hope that after a methodical listening to the isobus of my sprayer I could maybe activate them by isobus … I will progress on this subject after the seasons of seedlings which will start soon.