Stanley steering settings and speed

Wondering if anyone else has had any issues with having to adjust the Stanley aggression when changing speeds? I’ve been trying to fine tune my steering settings i think i have them all set right and heading and WAS are all fine tuned. When I change speeds (using Stanley) for example when i am going 2MPH the aggression needs to be 1.0 and when i do 5MPH have to turn it down to 0.5 -0.7 The faster I go the more I decrease the aggression to maintain a straight line. Otherwise I end up oscillating 2-3inch off the line. Am I missing something? or is this normal?

AOG version3
Tinkerforge IMU
Delphi WAS
Phidgets motor
Cytron controller.
F9P simplertk2b Base and Rover @10Hz

If the steering motor is oscillating back and forth you may possibly need to reevaluate your Proportional and Output Gain and Min PWM as one of them may possibly be set to high(this was an issue I had). I have my aggression set to 0.8 as per Brians original setup video and I haven’t needed to change it. Brians new release of AOG takes alot of the more difficult setup steps out of the equation. Also remember when doing the initial setup its better to have IMU and ROLL disabled until you get everything set. v4.2 Checksums and INO Version Police - YouTube

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I had nice parameters find for tractor whitout tool but when i started seeding it pulled me away from the line so i just setted the steer zero so it keeps the line. Next morning i have again setted the steer zero but when i went to seed again i was pulled form the line. So again setted the steer zero so that i am on the line but remmebered the ster zero number. After some seeding changed the steer zero value back and tried if tractor go straight. The seeder was lifted up. And tractor went straight. It means was was holding its position. After that i tried to seed by hand and watched what is my steer angle to keep the line. It was needed about 1.5 degree to hold the line. It looks that the seeder has side force, dont know why. Turned on the autosteer with straight steer zero and bumped up the parameter so that it keeps the line. But the steering was more nervous and the line not so smooth. So i lowered again the parameters and setted the steer zero so it keeps the line. Dont know if this helps someone to find a better setiings but for me it works.

Do you have a steady WAS signal coming in with no additional noise ? Use the steer chart and the drive function to make sure your WAS responds smoothly to changes in the wheel angle. As you turn the wheel by hand or with the motor the ACTUAL should be a smooth curve.

I Finally have the system working well! Took a long way round to find the issue but found it. Couldn’t figure out a solution for the need to change the Stanley aggression in relation to speed. I ended up upgrading software from Version 3 to 4.3.10. as well as changed from UDP to USB from my PCB. After I upgraded, my tractor would follow an A-B but 12-20" to the right of the line and just hang out there while doing field work. I ended up doing some testing on the road(Smooth and straight) and found out that somehow my WAS became way out of true! Meaning i would turn on the drive button and set my WAS to 0 and i would drive in an arc to the right. I tested my voltage with WAS set to 0 on my PCB and it read 2.49v so nothing wrong with the Sensor voltage at 0 degrees. I finally found out that in the process of changing versions that my steering was not at zero when the WAS read 0. I ended up shortening my linkage from the WAS to the steering wheel a couple of turns until I was able to almost eliminate the arc while driving at 0 degrees and then fine tuned the the WAS zero slider in Agopen.
Another thing I ended up adjusting was In version 4.3.10 there is the ackermann Adjustment built into the settings, I found my max degree to the right was around 86 and my degree to the left was around 70. Not equal… so i adjusted that till it was 86 right and 86 left.
Now it drives right on the A-B line and in version 4.3.10 i haven’t had to adjust the aggression on stanley for different speeds.

E142631 - good tip on turning off roll during setup.

Loving AgopenGPS on the old John Deere 4640!