Starfire Jd RTK messages

So hugely more than 450 for 5 years then for anyone thats current just on SF1…!

It’s literally cheaper to install an AgOpenGPS kit into those tractors than to buy any of those licenses.
(They have the valves we can control.) + You can sell your existing antennas, etc

However if you’re already on RTK having 5+ machines with JDLink and your dealership cancels their radio corrections, and offers you to go with SF7000 + satellites for a yearly 1300$ / machine in that case it does make a ton of sense.

It’s not for every everyone. But for some it does make a lot of sense.

That’s correct. This is why I started buying the Agra-GPS ’ CRG receivers for my Deere tractors when I needed to upgrade the Starfire 3000s. RTK without the silly unlocks and works with my existing base station directly.

The frustrating thing about my setup is I use AOG in both tractors on full RTK obviously, but my combine is factory fitted with autosteer and a yield monitor, which is extremely useful / wouldnt be without it now… Obviously need the GPS from starfire unit to keep all that working. But will be facing the typical SF3000 SF1 and 5G issues when when local masts are updated… I could fairly easily convert it to steer with AOG and then get RTK also, but dosnt fix the yield monitor issue… Other than going out and buying a new starfire unit (which would be a biblical waste of money for nothing more than the yield monitor) im not sure currently what best option is…

Why we cant just run our own RTCM RTK corrections into the serial port without $$$ unlocks is extremely frustrating. Im not even worried about having RTK as its only for yield monitor and combine steering, SF1 has always been fine, but the 5g breaks the SF1 signal, so then they wont steer :frowning: But i guess they would still get WAAS which maybe would keep the yield monitor working / happy ? And could just steer with AOG, another project… :joy:


You can’t feed NMEA into the yield monitor system and just have it map, while you steer with AOG?

The Agra-GPS CRG is about $5000 but solves the problem quite nicely. Based on a ZED-F9P and completely compatible with your existing base station. It pretends to be a Starfire and has a nice isobus vt interface for configuring it.

Should be able to do that yes.

The Agra has an F9P inside?

Maybe someone should take a look at the Open-Agriculture · GitHub AgIsoStack.
As far as I can tell the Agra GPS is basically just a VT app from the tractor perspective that happens to have the necessary CAN messages implemented.

That is correct. It does.

Agra-GPS CRG is an integrated product that’s a plug-and-play, drop-in replacement for a Starfire (same mount and harness), and has it’s own TCM for roll compensation. Speaks Deere’s proprietary CAN protocol so AutoTrac works, as well as any other mapping function your might be using on the Deere screen. CRG also broadcasts standard ISOBUS messages too, and provides a nice configuration utility on the VT, and can do updates through the Deere monitor. It’s a very polished, and integrated product. If you plan on staying in the Deere world for autosteer and monitors, and if you already have a base station, or access to CORS, it’s worth a look.

If you plan to use AOG, not so much. Although one benefit is that it does have the IMU built into it, and so the GPS output from it is already compensated for roll. So when I do get an AOG setup built, I do plan to pull GPS for AOG from my CRGs since I already have them.