Start speed problem

Hello, i have agopengps on two tractors , i use 5.7.0 version.I have panda set up.

I have problem steer only stops when im standing in spot for about 5-10 seconds.
I set up start speed at 5km/h but steereng kicks in moment i move in speeds less then 1km/h.

Why is that hapening?
Is that some bug or maybe i change software version?

First upgrade to 5.72 , also ino I believe.

Last version with ino files is 5.6.34 and i’m using that one.

Support has been moved. See text at the 5.71 update.

And if you click on the name agopengps you also read about a wiki.

Found it , doesn’t work from agopengps.
It can be set in sketch

If anyone needs …here you have it