Starting out, aiming for the autosteer sky's! 6930

Just starting out after reading a lot on the forum, I started buying all the parts.
End goal is to setup autosteering and section control on 6930 that primarily does spraying fert and drilling. Might put in an rtk base station as well…

I have very limited knowledge on electrics, fabrication and nlknow nothing about coding… So let’s see how this goes!
I started with small steps,

Receiving landrover suspension sensor to use as WAS (wheel angle sensor)
I attacked it with the axesaw to expose the pins, then soldered wires to the ones I needed, and used the glue gun to cover up my mess, and keep wires insulated.

Supply voltage 5v (pin5)
Signal (pin4) 0.5v to 4.5v
GND (pin 1)

Checked the signal voltage to find which way the thing would work on the tractor.

Now it was time to use my limited welding and fabrication skills to build a bracket (similar to forum member darrenlobb) to hold my WAS

This is where I am up to now, waiting on my PCB to arrive so I can get the soldering iron out, exciting times!

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Good project, hoping to use a valve or steering motor?

Im going to go down the route of steering motor, just because i think it will be simpler to install (less things to get my head around at once). Got someone printing me this…

Is your hydraulic setup working smoothly now? If I make a second setup for our 210r I will probably have a go at a hydraulic valve.

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Just an update on where I am now

After installing was sensor connected from axel to mudguard, I found that the reading was far from linear, I had twice as much movement one way compared to the other, therefore I ended up conecting to the steering ram, and this worked out perfectly, full range from .5v to 4.5v.
Used a couple of rose joints to get everything centerd
IMG_20200518_071052 IMG_20200518_071043 IMG_20200518_071036
Soldered all the parts to the pcb v2 which having not done much of this in past found quite fun, learning some new skills.

Had a steering cog 3d printed, works really well, just need to sort out a way of killing the power to it as it is hard to turn when auto steer is off but the cog is still connected. Must still be some power being sent to the motor.

Why can I not view pictures in any threads I read?

Welcome back yelrom.
Discourse moved to another server summer 2021, links still work but pictures and files before june/july 21 does not load any more.

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