Starting Rate Control which board to use?

Hello ,

I am looking to add rate control to the sprayer this year and am having difficulty determining which boatd to use.

I am currently using agopengps V5.? With a pcbv2 steer board with PANDA and have an arduino nano with ethernet shield wired to a 8 relay boatd for section control. All working perfectly.

The sprayer is equipped with a raven flow meter and a hydraulic driven pump that changes speed to maintain flow. The raven controller itself quit working last year when the speed sensor got damaged. So i have been using manual rate and driving at a fixed speed to maintain rate, but that is difficult to do in some conditions.

Looking in the support folder there is a rc5 boatd and on github there is rc8 rc11 rc12 and others. Rc11 looks similar to rc5, is it just a more updated version of rc5? Is there somewhere that explains the differences of the different boatds and there intended uses?

RC5 would work. It has more pieces to solder. RC8 could work with your existing 8 relay board. RC11 is a teensy version of relay control.