Station base

I know it's been posted on here before, but the best post I found about this had parts for European users. Long story short I'm currently beating my head against the wall trying to figure out exactly what parts i need for the base station as there are so many options and i want the best/simplest. 
   The other question is how should i go about getting it internet service as the best (highest and most clear view) is atop the crows nest of our grain bin which is 500+ feet from the house (which is where the wifi router is) (500+ is not including the 50 feet to the crows nest of the bin). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do i need to buy the rtk board with headers or without?

Which RTK board are you referring to?

The ardusimple f9p

Without, for your base you will connect via USB cable so don’t need any headers. Save yourself the money.

For the tractor end I order without and solder them myself as I think the headers they use are rubbish.

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Thank you so much! I ordered both without and ordered the headers separate for both as they were only $6 and figured if i needed them i could do it myself for $60 (they wanted $30 extra apiece with them installed).

I did spend the extra and got a wifi ntrip master as I’m unsure how to do it with the esp32, do i need one for both F9P boards or just the one in the tractor? And I’m assuming I’ll connect it to the tablet via USB?