Steer com keeps disconnecting

After updating to 5.7.2 my steer com disconnects after 10 minutes (Access denied). I can only get it back by unplugging the 12v power.
I use an Arduino. I’m looking for suggestions to troubleshoot, I will try a different USB cable but I doubt that will fix it.

I’ve gone back to my Surface pro running 5.5.0 and corresponding firmware.
All seems to be working fine now.
So it’s either a problem with my Panasonic FzG1 or the new firmware update. I haven’t changed anything on my PCB for over a year, is there anything I should have done to keep up to date with the current firmware.

I will try running 5.5.0 on my FzG1 to rule out the possibility of the laptop being the problem.

I’ve had trouble with usb drop outs as well. Going to udp has made things a lot more reliable.