Steer motor disengage question

Hi all, i have installed a stëermotor with a
Pcb v3. I have selected current sensor.
But no matter what i try no disengage.

Am i missing a setting??

Are you powering the Cytron through the PCB?

If you wire directly to the Cytron you are bypassing the current sensor.

Power true pcb pwm output with wires

You have the ACS712 chip on the PCB?

Need to check it is the all in one V3 board.

It’s on the V3 PCB, but was it in stock?

These are on all 10 Boards

Do you have the latest firmware, about 6 weeks ago it didn’t work on the AIO.

What level have you set the disengage to?

About 30% is right for 24V and I guess 60% for 12V.

Teensy or aog??

No movement at all bar %


You are providing power to Cytron via header pins from PCB?

Are you using the pin 16 on Ampseal for Cytron power into PCB?

Only 22 23 pin and the extra trough hole wire to cytron voltage. But i use older version 5.5 ino. I added code with fix. So gonna test monday.

Thank you very much for you help.

Back again… is there a way to bench test it?. The steer motor is in a other place. But want to try if it works.

You can put a resistive load like a halogen or incandescent lamp.

The bar in AOG shows how many percent?
You should use the last AGO and last firmware.

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Hi all, well steer motor installed and works good.

Only problem is still disengage. I have v3 aio. I see current from engine 1 till 12 % then when i set disengage to 15 % is stops but directly goes back on. And when u turn it will disengae because then above 15%.

I use relay for as freewheel. And a 24v phidget motor on 12volt

Any ideas??

Can you take a picture of your PCB?

Older picture wire from 12v to cytron is also connected.

so you totally bypass the amp meter with the direct wire connection and you expect it to be able to tell how many amps cytron has?
your amp meter works perfectly fine. It has 0 amps flowing through it.

Euhmm no.

Wires is pwm out. And on theback side wire goes from 12v to cytron power troughhole connection from there to current sensor.

But thanks for you awnser. But this isnt my first build. Only 1st with steer motor.

And from my opiion it measures the amps true the 12v conmection.and.not true the pwm. Or am i wrong?