Steer not connected

Hello, I’m having trouble getting AOG to see my steer module (PCB). I only have 1 USB on my laptop and I’m using that for my GPS antenna so I’m using an ethernet cable for the steer module but I’m not sure how to configure it. I believe I used the proper sketch in the arduino. Com 7 is my USB used for the antenna, the laptop is using windows 10. Thank you for all your efforts.

Simpliest way is to use an usb hub, like most of the people here.

Do you have a ethernet port availiable on your laptop?

i do have the ethernet port but if a usb hub works then i think ill try that, i hadnt thought of that.

It’s easiest way!

If your going to use Ethernet some steps that need to happen:

  • Make sure have Ethernet shield on (assume you do if the cord is connected)
  • Set a static IP address on your laptop for the Ethernet ( for example)
  • Turn UPD on in AgIO, close & restart AgIO
  • Make sure the AgIO is not blocked by firewall
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Thank you, i went a got a usb hub and everything seems to be working fine now except it disconnects every few minutes and i get an error that it can’t connect to caster. Then it will reconnect and work again, so new problem but closer than i was.

Make sure you have both 12 v AND ground from one spot.
12v and ground from cigarette lighter socket to charge tablet and power + and -, directly from battery to PCB and or USB hub, will course such problems. Also power through USB hub to gps can be a problem (perhaps hub not designed to let so much power pass)

I think i’m ok with the power. when it looses signal i get a message that says “Ag10 started?” and i can see its not receiving data. i also get another message that says “drive messag-Connection problem (not connecting to Caster)” so i’m not sure if i have something set wrong somewhere.

AGIO started? Is the standard question from AOG when a connection problem occurs.
Turn off ntrip until everything else is working (the caster message)
Go through the whole manual a couple of times to understand more.
Watch videos AgOpenGPS v4.6 Beta Test - YouTube
This is just one of them.

ok thanks, one more question popped up, i have the ardusimple as-startkit-lr-l1l2-nanh-00 rtk antenna, is that maybe part of my connection problem or does it not matter.

That should be the ANN-MB-00 antenna. Very popular here and should work just fine. Might see a difference at very rare and quite challenging conditions.

ok thanks, i think that is the one i have, it’s part of a radio kit with a base station

Check your connection problem systematic:

  1. use your hub with only your gps-receiver, and check the stability of gps signal, you can also try it with ntrip caster in a second step, to get a stable rtk fixed signal. Make sure, your antenna havs sky view. If you have trouble, you can try it without your hub, again.

  2. You can checkout your steering board over hub also without gps-receiver. Use simulation mode in ago, so you don’t get lost signal and you are able to double check your steering board. If you have trouble, you can try it without your hub, again.